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South Australia offers adventure and luxury in equal measure.

South Australia is a land of extremes. Here, desert plains where everything the sun touches is a stark shade of red, ochre and orange contrast lush rolling countryside draped in vines. A sun-soaked beach where the white sand squeaks is never far away, and breathtaking coastline spills into untouched bushland teeming with abundant wildlife. 

The capital, Adelaide, is a boutique metropolis where you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the world, laneways lined with bars, heritage architecture framed by contemporary street art and an endless event calendar drawing revellers from far and wide. Just beyond the city limits, world-class wine country and seaside villages offer respite just minutes from the CBD.

South Australia was voted Lonely Planet’s 5th Best Region in the World’ at the Best of Travel Awards in 2017 and has only grown from strength to strength. From the pristine coastline and abundant seafood of the Eyre Peninsula to the open country and quirky quintessential Australian towns of the Nullarbor. And the towering peaks and ancient land of the Flinders Ranges, to the wellness experiences in the Adelaide Hills. We know this vast and varied landscape like the back of our hand. 

On tour, we’ll roam untamed wide-opens spaces. Sip wine coveted the world over and practice yoga and meditation in pristine locations. Savour artisan gourmet delights. Encounter wildlife found nowhere else on the planet and unearth the stories embedded deep in South Australia’s Country and culture.

South Australia offers adventure and luxury in equal measure. Whether your idyllic escape has you falling asleep in a swag under star-filled skies or waking up by the ocean in an exclusive seafront cabin, experience South Australia and awaken your senses on an unforgettable Untamed Escape.

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