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There’s a reason Port Lincoln is known as the seafood capital of Australia. Perched on the largest natural harbour in Australia – Boston Bay – daily life here revolves around the sea. From the pristine South Australian waters, fishermen haul in world-class seafood. From scallops, oysters and abalone to crayfish, and fresh fish – tuna and snapper. It’s a bounty best sampled straight from the source and washed down with local wine characterised by the coastal terroir.

Beyond seafood, the cellar doors and artisan producers make it the ultimate gourmet getaway destination. But it’s also a mecca for nature and adventure lovers. Port Lincoln offers some of the world’s most immersive underwater encounters which are the focal point for our Eyre Peninsula tours. A short cruise away, you can slip into a wetsuit then dive with playful sea lions and dolphins for company. However, if you love an adrenalin rush, it’s the home of the first shark cage dive experience where you can cage dive with great white sharks. Dare to enter the domain of these apex predators from the complete safety of an impenetrable steel cage.

On land, the wildlife encounters are just as memorable. Framed by pristine national parks, including Lincoln National Park, Port Lincoln and its surrounds proffer some of the best places to witness wildlife in the wild, as nature intended. At Mikkira Station, you can even do your bit to help the region’s only population of koalas, where about 170 can be found dozing in the canopies of their gum tree sanctuary.

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