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Connect to Country in Australia’s iconic Red Centre.

Northern Territory tours by Untamed Escapes — Outback Adventure and Indigenous Experiences in Australia’s Red Centre departing from Adelaide and Yulara.

An escape to the Northern Territory offers unforgettable moments in nature, wildlife encounters and Indigenous cultural experiences that will connect you to Country, self and nature like never before.

From Aboriginal rock art dating back over 60,000 years to unforgettable sunsets, otherworldly landscapes, and otherworldly Uluru, the Northern Territory is one of Australia’s most iconic destinations and one we highly recommend.

Our Northern Territory tours to and from Yulara, home to the Traditional Owners, the Anangu people, will educate, excite and nourish your soul. Set out on awe-inspiring hikes, relax by waterholes, explore hidden caves, and encounter a few of the hundreds of birds, reptiles and mammals that call the Red Centre home.

As the spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru is one of the best places to visit to understand and appreciate the world’s oldest living culture. Here, you’ll connect with Traditional Owners and hear why Uluru is so special to Aboriginal people. Soak up cultural knowledge about bush tucker, bush medicine, dot painting symbols, local crafts and more during authentic Indigenous experiences.

Tours of Australia’s Red Centre

Tame your inner wildling as you roam the ancient landscapes and wide-open spaces of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Feel the powerful presence of 550-million-year-old Uluru as soon as you lay eyes on it. There’s something truly mesmerising, emotional even, about sunset here. Watch the colours of this world-famous monolith change from red to burnt orange to deep purple in a matter of minutes as the light changes.

A bushwalk at Kata Tjuta is a magical experience you will never forget. Translating to the Pitjantjatjara word for ‘Many Heads’, the 36 domes of Kata Tjuta are an iconic feature of the NT, both physically and spiritually.

Awaken your inner adventurer as you roam another of the Red Centre’s untamed landscapes at Watarrka National Park. Immerse yourself in an oasis of 300-metre-high sandstone walls, hidden waterholes, fern forests, chasms, canyons and caverns. A hike through the fascinating King’s Canyon, topped off with 360-degree views of the National Park, is a moment in nature that you will hold in your heart forever.

The Northern Territory is also one of the most spectacular places to spend nights star-gazing at the billions of stars dancing in the sky. You’ll wish upon a star that you will return and do it all again one day.

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