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Things To Do in Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay oyster farm tour

Allow us to introduce you to some of the proud and passionate locals running tourism businesses on the Eyre Peninsula.

Meet The Makers – Experience Coffin Bay Oysters

The first interview in this series is with Linda, one half of Experience Coffin Bay Oysters & Tours.

What is the story behind Experience Coffin Bay Oysters?

Chris and I were a young married couple working normal jobs as most married couples do but we had a burn to work for ourselves in our own business. We both loved the ocean and spent time boating, diving and fishing on the Eyre Peninsula.

My father and my family had grown up on the sea, rock lobster fishing. And then for a short time my dad in partnership, built a tuna boat and fished for tuna from Port Lincoln. So working with seafood and on the ocean seemed like the right fit for us.

Aquaculture, especially oysters, was new and exciting back in 1996 and it was affordable for us to get a start in. We bought a lease and started farming in Streaky Bay. We hobby-farmed for the first 10 years until the business had been built to a point that we could both quit our day jobs and work full time in our own oyster farm. By this time we had sold our farm in Streaky Bay and bought into oyster farming in Coffin Bay.

Coffin Bay oyster farm harvest Experience

What’s your connection to the Eyre Peninsula?

I have lived on and off the Eyre Peninsula since I was 2 years old. Starting in Port Lincoln back in 1973 for a short time until we moved for quite a few years to a small wheat-belt town 60 km north-west of Streaky Bay called Poochera. Then after a 10 year period in the big smoke in Adelaide as a young adult, the Eyre Peninsula was enticing me to return.

I moved back to Port Lincoln which is where I met and married Chris, who was posted there for work. We spent time living together for Chris’s work in Ceduna and then started oyster farming, originally in Streaky Bay but moved back to oyster farm in Coffin Bay in 2004 which is where we have been ever since.

Experience Coffin Bay

What aspects of your job do you love the most?

There is so much to love, out in nature everyday and each new day is an adventure, as we never know what nature will throw at us next. Clear blue skies and crystal clear water. Surrounded by national parks we do work in a lovely office!

Sunshine warming our backs and a landscape to die for every direction that you turn. Don’t get us wrong, winter can be tough with water temperatures dropping and wind and rain to contend with, but majority of our days are fantastic so we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tours – A Seafood Lover’s Dream

Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tour

Why should people come to Coffin Bay?

For the world famous Coffin Bay oysters of course! Truly that is why so many of our current visitors do come to Coffin Bay. They know the name of those oysters that they eat around Australia and the world. When they have the opportunity to come and see for themselves where these amazing oysters are produced, they make sure they come and visit.

Coffin Bay isn’t just known for its delicious oysters though, but also for the vast waterway, gorgeous coastline and pristine landscape. It’s remote, wild and beautiful.

What can someone expect when they do your tours?

Honestly they can expect the real deal. We are truly oyster farmers running our own oyster farm. Our tour boat is our oyster punt, cleaned-up ready to impress, of course. Your host is the oyster farmer.

We show you the original oyster farm in Coffin Bay, the oyster farms of Kellidie Bay in the bay adjoining the township of Coffin Bay, and have a look around the coastline.

Eat fresh oysters plucked straight from the water in front of your own eyes and purchase a local wine or beer to compliment your oysters. Coffin Bay is truly spectacular. Relax on board and watch the waterway go by as you cruise along this pure coastline. Your host/farmer will tell you all about the history of oyster farming in Coffin Bay, and what’s happening now. It’s relaxed and interactive, so ask away with your questions, and you’ll have answers straight from the oyster farmer himself.

Almonta Beach Coffin Bay, South Australia

What is the best way to eat an oyster? Any favourite recipes?

Natural, of course, with fresh ocean water trickling off the freshly shucked oyster meat. Lots of people do love a squeeze of fresh lemon. One of our family and friends’ favourite oyster recipe is Diablo Oysters which can be found in Out of the Blue Seafood Recipes by Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan.

What is one other thing people visiting the Eyre Peninsula should not miss?

The Coffin Bay National Park is adjacent to the township of Coffin Bay. It is a picturesque park and can be accessed by 2WD vehicle with sealed roads in many parts of the park easily accessible. You can see the open ocean, the rugged side of the park, and also the protected calm waters of the Coffin Bay waterway on the other.

For a lovely lunch or dinner overlooking the ocean and original oyster farm, 1802 Oyster Bar & Restaurant is a must for a meal or casual drink and snack. Of course if you want to finish off your education in oyster farming you can visit with us at our “The Shellar Door” for our land-based oyster shed tour, and purchase farm fresh oysters to take home.

Experience Coffin Bay Oysters tour

Experience Coffin Bay Tours with Untamed Escapes

Meet Chris and Linda on an Experience Coffin Bay Oysters Tour. Enjoy a seafood lunch at 1802 Oyster Bar. And explore Coffin Bay National Park on our Coffin Bay Day Tour departing Port Lincoln all year round.

Meet the Makers – 1802 Oyster Bar

1802 Oyster Bar Coffin Bay tour
Coffin Bay’s iconic seafood restaurant, 1802 Oyster Bar.

The next interview in this series is with one half of the dynamic duo who operate the iconic seafood restaurant in Coffin Bay, 1802 Oyster Bar.

Thanks for chatting with us Brett. How long have you and Melanie lived on the Eyre Peninsula and more specifically in Coffin Bay? 

We have been here for four years in December. After holidaying here with family for a number of years we moved from Melbourne for a sea change. And we have loved every single moment!

How do you describe the region to someone who has not been here?

It’s is pristine, friendly and full of surprises, with wonderful wildlife and the best seafood and fishing in the country.

Bucket of fresh prawns, sauce and a beer at 1802 Oyster Bar

What is the story behind 1802 Oyster Bar? 

1802 was remodelled from an existing restaurant several years ago. The name reflects the history of the area, being the date Matthew Flinders mapped the bay. Its focus has always been the oysters fresh from the bay. And we only use the most premium oysters available through our partners at Gazander. 

Over time the restaurant has continued to develop our menu and always serves the best local seafood and produce. We are the Eyre Peninsula’s most authentic and premium seafood destination. We are also very proud to be a showcase for local Indigenous artists with our walls displaying their artwork.

What are the most popular types of seafood that the local region produces? 

We are very fortunate to have a vast array of options for our seafood in Coffin Bay. From favourite fish like King George whiting, kingfish and of course tuna, to flathead, snapper and nanygai. Also shellfish like abalone, blue swimmer and sand crabs, mussels, bugs, vongole and I think, the best prawns in Australia.

What is the best way to eat an oyster? Any favourite recipes? 

Fresh – and there is no better place than here for that, fresh out of the bay and shucked daily. We have the largest variety of flavours of anywhere on the Eyre Peninsula.

Our most popular sellers are the Baked Oyster. Oysters topped with Kimchi, and bacon butter, baked and finished with pecorino cheese. Or the Gin and Tonic – natural oysters topped with a gin and tonic granita and Australian native finger lime. But I think natural is the best way!

Our most popular sellers are the Baked Oyster – oysters topped with Kimchi, and bacon butter, baked and finished with pecorino cheese. Or the Gin and Tonic – natural oysters topped with a gin and tonic granita and Australian native finger lime. But I think natural is the best way!

Seafood Platter at 1802 Oyster Bar in Coffin Bay

What sort of dining experience can people expect when visiting the 1802 Oyster Bar? 

We offer fresh high quality seafood along with some amazing dishes for the non seafood eaters, in a relaxed atmosphere. With great service and views from our large deck across the bay looking at the oyster leases and spectacular sunsets.

What is your favourite dish at the moment and what would you wash that down with? 

That’s a tough one – I have too many favourites! If I had to choose, I’d go for the Spencer Gulf Bugs. Out of the shell, cooked in curried butter with butternut pumpkin, charred baby cos, cornbread and avocado emulsion. Washed down with a Henschke Peggy’s Hill Riesling or two.

What are some of the other things that people visiting the region should not miss? 

Experience Coffin Bay Oysters do a great tour either in the shed or out on the boat. This is not to be missed.

We also have the an amazing Coffin Bay National Park with spectacular views, Almonta Beach, and some great 4WD areas. It’s a great place for swimming and fishing and if you a keen for something a bit different. A scenic helicopter flight with Becker Helicopters gives you a very different and breathtaking view of the area.

Coffin Bay Oysters private tour
Fresh oysters from the sea at Coffin Bay on Eyre Peninsula

Coffin Bay Day Tours

You can meet Brett & Melanie and enjoy a delicious seafood lunch at 1802 Oyster Bar. Also head out on the incredible Experience Coffin Bay Oysters Tour. Then explore Coffin Bay National Park and much more on our Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay Luxury Tour departing Port Lincoln all year round.

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